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Babies rule the household! Sounds like you're a Super Dad. :)

On Fun Games In the blog bbj
Ok.... But maybe your wrong
You know him and I don’t, but it doesn’t sound like worrying behaviour to me. It sounds very much like my brother, who is simply rather introverted (as opposed to shy, or socially awkward). He simply sees no reason to chat with people about his personal life, and has little interest in theirs. He’s one of those people who can sit in a room reading a book while others are chatting around him, and feel no urge to join in, or to be under any pressure to do so. In the right social circumstances, he will chat, but he doesn’t feel any obligation to make small talk.
Good work
Awwww :( The last time I had an interview (trying to get out of current job) it went about like that. It feels sucky and I'm sorry. I hope the cake helps.
I am so sorry, BB. It's them, not you. They passed up a great one for who knows what. May they soon come to regret it.
I think I've picked a good firm. You don't pay a retainer with them. You pay a set rate per appointment and set of actions. You aren't tied to them and can change firms at any times. They have a number of lawyers in the firm, and stress your clicking with the one you first see, or trying another. Whether she contests anything, and how hard will have a lot to do with what the lawyer suggests we should do in terms of adjustments to the current agreement, and how much I agree with him/her on that.
High Wasted would be a great product line geared towards stoners.
Oddly, I have had to write about such things as thongs for men (not the sandals, ahem), and many years ago a client asked me to write about "high wasted" jeans (which I assumed were for people who were both high and wasted). Bralettes have not landed in my inbox, so to speak.
She rarely jokes, Simon. Oh, by the way, Keith Richards looks like shit these days, in case you haven't followed him either.